This is Absolutely true but maybe you also agree with me…!!!

The Internet has become a necessity of life and it is impossible to go by without it.

Whether the use is personal or professional, regardless of the need having seamless and uninterrupted access to the internet is crucial.

The best way to access the internet easily around-the-clock without any disturbances is to bring in the best Wireless routers into your home.

When it comes to choosing the best set of wifi router for your home, it is important to remember there are many technicalities you will have to look out for.

For most of the people, buying the best wifi router is almost the same as investing in buying a refrigerator for your home. There is a reason why we say so.When you set out to purchase a refrigerator or any other electronic appliance, there are a few things you need to tick off the list.

You want to make sure that the device performs its function supremely or maybe just a little more than that. Secondly, you want it to look picture perfect or at least reasonable enough.

And most important of all is the price range. You expect the product you are going to buy to be a lot of things but you don’t want to pay much for it.

In addition to all this, let’s not forget that you actually expect it to be perfectly fine on its own without having to care for it or maintain it. The same is the case with wifi routers.

You want great speed, great functionality, easy use and reasonable prices (Technology-Based). But do you want to worry about it? Not really!

Best Wireless Routers for 2018

It is now time to jump into the wifi router reviews. The following is a comprehensive review of the top rated wireless routers that will be trending in 2018.

Not Every Router, Anyone can afford Because some of them do have robust prices-tag.But Some Routers are still managed to get into 10 best WiFi Routers 2018 list.

As well as I want to make sure all these routers are good enough to grab the position in Top 10 List.

Router NameWeightPortsWireless CommItem DimenBest Prices
ASUS RT-AC5300 Tri-Band
3.21 lbs8802.11 a/b/g/n6.5 x 24.5 x 24.5 inSee Price
Google Wi-Fi Router System0.74 lbs3802.11 a/b/g/n4.2 x 4.2 x 2.7 inSee Price
Net-Gear Gamer Bundle
3.5 lbs9802.11 a/b/g/n10.x13.7 x3.1 inSee Price
ASUS RT-AC 88U Dual Band
1.18 lbs9802.11 a/b/g/n30x 6.5 x 18.8 inSee Price
ASUS RP-AC56 & RT-AC5300
3.21 lbs7802.11 a/b/g/n6.5x24.5x24.5 inSee Price
Net Gear Nighthawk
AC5300 X-8 Tri-Band

7.45 lbs7802.11 a/b/g/n11.6x13.8x4.57 inSee Price
Apple Extreme base
Air-Port Station

0.95 lbs5802.11 a/b/g/n3.9x3.9 x 6.6 inSee Price
LinkSYS AC1900 Dual-core
Wireless Router
1.77 lbs7802.11 a/b/g/n7.7x 9.7x2.01 inSee Price
TP-Link Archer C7
1.9 lbs4802.11 A/C9.6 x 6.4 x 1.3 inSee Price
D-Link Wireless AC1900
1.41 lbs4802.11 a/b/g/n
802.11 A/C
9.8 x 7.5 x 1.5 inSee Price

1. ASUS RT AC5300 Wireless Tri-Band Gigabit Network security protector Wi-Fi router

ASUS RT-AC5300-Wireless-AC5300-Tri-BandAre you looking for a wireless wifi router that will surely do wonders for you? Are you expecting nothing less than the best? Well, the ASUS RT AC5300 Wireless Tri-Band Gigabit Network security protector Wi-Fi router is the perfect choice for smart users.

This router is going to offer a perfect video streaming and online gaming solution to all users.

If you want to enjoy your free hours without worrying about the internet speed, this best home wifi router will make sure it does that for you.

The device comes with a 3 easy step web installation manual for smooth and worry-free use. Moreover, the settings of the router can also be modified according to personal preference of the user.

Product Highlights:

Comes with accessories i.e. adapter, cable, memory card, user guide CD
Powerful high speed 1.5 GHz hardcore processor
Built-in 500+ internal memory
4T4-R Antenna design
Ai-Radar for auto-devices detection
Simultaneous multiple connectivities
Tri-Band smart connectivity
Strong signal strength and Warranty 1 year+
Modern design and Easy User interface
Mu-MIMO for all devices compatibility
Simultaneous multiple connectivities
3-step web installation for smooth use
ASUS router app settings for wider range access
AI-protection for Wi-Fi usage control

Manual modifications in the settings are permissible. The router comes with an internal inbuilt 500+ GB memory support. In addition to this, if you require additional memory the router also has dual memory slots.

This also acts as a parental control lock for children to monitor their access to the internet. This router comes with an impressively fast and swift high speed.

MU-MIMO is enabled in the ASUS RT AC5300 Wireless Tri-Band Gigabit Network security protector Wi-Fi router so that all devices that are attached can ensure smooth data usage without any hurdles. Moreover, the router comes with air protection which eliminates the worry of your data being used in a foul way. You can monitor and access and control the amount of data a particular connected device is allowed to consume.

In addition to the long list of great features, there are a few drawbacks that come with it.

The first is the low battery life of the router which means you have to charge it often and this can be a little frustrating. Secondly, contrary to the fact that the router is a widespread internet network, the uploading speed is definitely slower in comparison to the downloading speed.

Another let down is the price which is actually skyrocketing! It is actually very disappointing because the overall features of this router definitely do make it a worthy choice to take home but the expensive price can be a little hurdle in the way.

However, the truth is that if you can afford it you must invest in buying this product. It is definitely worth the price it asks for.


Affordably priced
Extended wireless coverage
5 GHz high speed
User ability to control bandwidth and up width
Control over guest networks data usage


Average looking router
Restricted wire connectivity

2. Google Wi-Fi Router System for complete home coverage

Google is a name that is known to everybody who has something to do with tech! Alphabet Inc. owns Google and Google is not only a search engine that facilitates users but is a giant company that has been making life easier for people with some amazing software, tools, and programs.

Google has now also ventured into designing its own technology based products for easy use.

The Google wifi router system for complete home coverage is the latest product that the company has designed and launched to facilitate users who use the internet.

The whole point is to provide uninterrupted, seamless high-speed internet to the users.

Product Highlights:

Easy-to-use interactive user interface
User customization options
Manual wifi control over connected devices
Expandable 2×2 mesh Wi-Fi
WAN and LAN primary connectivity ports
Dual Band Wi-Fi processing speed; 2.4 GHz and 5.5 GHz respectively
Modern and contemporary design

The Google router has been getting thumbs up from the critics and is definitely a great option if you want to invest in a good and reliable internet router in 2018! The first thing you notice about this router is its high speed.

The router comes with a dual band multifunctional processor with 2.4 and 5.5 GHz speed respectively. Moreover, Google staying true to its purpose to serve people only has designed the router with an extremely interactive user interface.

As the fastest wireless router, it also has user customised options that allow the user to change or modify any settings as per personal need or requirement.

The internet is widespread and comes with an expandable 2×2 mesh Wifi system. However, this does not put the security of your connection at risk because you get the chance to complete control and restrict the usage of all connected devices. This means that the home connection gets to monitor, control and restrict all other devices connected. It is also the best wireless router for gaming.

It is not wrong to say that if you are looking for an internet router that is the perfect combination of design and performance with some amazing features to make it stand out amongst its competitors as well – this Google router is definitely a good investment.

There are too many good things about this product that heavily overshadow all the bad things. However, if we talk about one flaw that is hard to look by is the price which is actually ALOT considering it is merely an internet router.

But when you look at what it offers and all the other highlight features, the price you pay for it is definitely worth it all. It is easy to set up and will allow you to enjoy high-speed internet right at home!


Easy manual setup
Modern looking router set
User-friendly interface
Good processing speed


Usage comes with restriction
Mandatory Google online account requirement
External modem support required
Not compatible with all devices
Only 2 external cable ports limits usage
Does not show any advanced features

3. Net-Gear Gamer Bundle Wifi Router – Best Gaming Router

Net-Gear Gamer Bundle Wifi Router is the perfect pack of three router systems that serve multiple purposes.

You get the chance to engage in wireless network coverage on a wide range. This is definitely the boosted internet wireless coverage that you are looking for.

With this superlative router, you actually get the chance to enjoy seamless and high tech internet coverage in all parts of your home.

The router comes with a high-speed VDSL2 multi-functional modem.

There are also dual 3.0 USB ports for simultaneous double insertions and connectivity. This wifi router does not involve any rocket science and is relatively easy to install on premises.

You get a complete instruction manual along with it which allows you to easily install the wifi router system into place without any expert help.

Product Highlights:

3 router devices in 1 packing
Seamless AC1900 dual band high speed
Wifi extendable range
3.0 high-speed infinity modem
Multipurpose use
Double 3.0 USB ports
VDSL2 high-speed functional modem

Moreover, the net gear gamer bundle wifi router comes with LAN ports that allow devices to be connected to it externally.

So you get the chance to attach the router to television screens, computer monitors, printers and other network devices as per need.

The router is equipped with fast-lane technology. This allows the user to control and schedule settings for on and off without manually monitoring every function.

It is definitely a little expensive and this is one of its cons. But we cannot simply ignore the fact that fastest wifi router comes in a set of 3 devices in one pack for added multi-functionality. If you are looking for wide-range network coverage and high-speed internet, then this is definitely a good choice.


High-speed internet
Multiple plug-in slots
Widespread internet range


Minor technical defaults reduces reliability
Complex to set up
Large in size

4. ASUS Dual Band RT AC 88U wireless gigabit multifunctional router with air protection

ASUS RT-AC88U-Wireless-AC3100

Today the one thing that everyone needs to have in their life is technology.

Therefore, the one thing that nobody is ready to compromise on is, in fact, nothing but technology.

So if you look for a technological craft that is beyond what you can dream of, then you surely have to get your hands on the ASUS Dual Band RT AC 88U wireless gigabit multifunctional router with air protection. The MU-MIMO is enabled in the router.

This allows the home network to control and restrict the amount of data that is being used by all other connected devices.

This is one of the best features that are almost mandatory for every other router to have. ASUS is definitely a worthy name in the tech world.

The MU-MIMO also encourages multiple device connectivities and makes sure that the device is compatible and works well with a maximum number of devices. We should not neglect to specify how astonishing this switch looks.

Product Highlights:

Dual band router
802.11 4×4 high-speed output
Air protection enabled
Wide range coverage with 3167 Mbps speed the internet
Built in speed accelerator
Multiple functional 3.0 USB ports
Modern looking modem
High-speed double transfer
MU-MIMO-enabled for device compatibility
Easy access with graphical user-friendly interface
AiCloud 2.0 for maximum data storage, sync, and transfer

It is named as one of the most attractive combines of switches in the innovation world

Nowadays since it has been intended to look great! With this being stated, how about we recollect that this switch is the ideal blend of good looks and superlative execution.

Along these lines, you are unquestionably paying for something commendable. It is impossible to wrap up the review for this amazing router without talking about the Ai-cloud feature of this supreme router.

This AI-cloud is a unique and distinctive feature that permits file sharing, transfer, sync, and complete data storage as well. This is definitely one of the best home router available these days.


Multiple user options
Simultaneous functioning user ports
High-speed internet


Fluctuating signal strength on wide range
Interrupted file transfers

5. ASUS Tri-band wireless AC5300 gigabit internet router with Air protection and maximum area coverage

ASUS is known for making Internet routers and other tech devices that stand out for being exceptional and the best.

This internet router in no different! For one thing, it comes with a complete long-term 2-year warranty which means you do not have to worry about no returns, exchange or fixes on the requirement.

Secondly, the functionality of this router makes it stand out amongst all its standard router partners.

The MU-MIMO feature of the Asus wireless router permits multiple devices to be connected at the same time for simultaneous use.

However, it also gives the home network full control over the speed and coverage of connected devices.

Product Highlights:

Wireless high-speed internet up to 5000+ Mbps
Latest NitroQAM broadband technology
4 by 4 MU-MIMO-enabled
Wide range internet
Ai-Radar Beam Forming
Multiple connection ports
3.0 USB ports dual
Interactive user interface
Solid hardware router body
Up to 2-year long-term warranty

There are also carrying frequencies that the router is equipped with.

The ASUS Ai-cloud helps the device to easily store, sync and share files. It also provides ample of storage space to the router.


Easy setup router
Seamless user interface
Ai-protection enabled for restricted internet usage
Internal regulator for signal strength fluctuations


Limited device capability
Simultaneous USB functions disabled

6. Net Gear Nighthawk AC5300 X-8 Tri-Band wifi router

If you want to experience seamless, outrageous and too good to be true internet connection strength, you need to get your hands on the Net Gear Nighthawk AC5300 X-8 Tri-Band wifi router.

This is the future of internet speed and the next wave in a crazy ocean of internet you need to experience for sure! The quad streaming router allows connectivity to up to 4 ports in a single go.

Product Highlights:

Tri-band wifi for extended usage
Fast 5.3 GHz speed internet
Quad streaming for connectivity up to 4 ports
Dynamic QoS for seamless video streaming and gaming experience
Attractive and unique looking
6-gigabit dual ports
Maximum device compatibility
Inbuilt speed amplifier
Automated regulating antennas

The router also comes with an inbuilt dynamic QoS feature that facilitates video streaming and superlative gaming experience! Talk about the good things in life!

TomsGuide is also in love with this router He said: “The Nighthawk X8 is a power router that delivers data regardless of whether it’s for a gaming party, watching the latest episode of Bob’s Burgers or both.”

Read Full review Here

Let’s not forget to mention how amazing this router looks. It is termed as one of the best looking pair of routers in the technology world these days because it has been designed to look good! With this being said, let’s remember that this router is the perfect combination of good looks and superlative performance. So, you are definitely paying for something worthy.

Another highlight feature of this superlative and supreme router is the inbuilt speed amplifier which does not allow the signal strength to deteriorate.

The router is also equipped with 4 antennas that automatically regulate the signals and offer on-point automatic speed amplification.


Dual integration functional internet ports
OPEN VPN support for easy access
Modern design
Easy to set-up
Strong connectivity


MU-MIMO not enabled

7. Apple Extreme base Air-Port Station

Apple Co. is bound to no introductions. This mega technological giant is a name that speaks for itself.

This company has changed the face of modern day technology with phones, tablets, laptops, notebooks and numerous other devices.

A few years back, not long ago, Apple Co. also ventured into working on wifi routers for the convenience of the people.

Like all its other products, the router that it came up with was exceptional and unmatched. This was termed as the ‘first generation’ of the wireless router by Apple.

In the recent times, Apple has launched the 6th generation wireless internet router. This one is called the Apple

This one is called the Apple Extreme base air-port station and is the sixth successive router in the base station router series by Apple. Understandably, it ranks amongst the top best routers trending the markets in 2018.

Product Highlights:

Dual Band 802.11 AC high-speed processor
Varying frequency of 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz
Wireless connectivity for fast response
Seamless wifi with MU-MIMO-enabled
Interactive user interface
Only for iOS and MAC users

The latest addition to the extreme base station series –

Apple extreme base air-port station is the 6th successive internet router launched by Apple. It comes with exceptional dual-core 802.11 AC wifi connectivity at two varying frequencies.

The supreme function of this best wireless router is that it offers undeniably amazing automated connectivity with multiple wifi devices simultaneously.

This means you do not have to worry about the connecting faltering or failing to connect with this router. It has your back in all situations.

MU-MIMO is enabled and embedded in this router that guarantees seamless internet streaming without any interruptions.

There are, however, two major flaws with this otherwise good wireless router.

It is extremely over-priced. This comes as a major let down but no surprises here because Apple Co. is known for making products that are skyrocketing as far as prices are concerned.

So this can be a major let down for users because it is too pricey for a wireless router to be.

  • Secondly, another major flaw with this router is compatibility. Apple restricts the compatibility of this router with other wifi devices because it only works with iOS and Mac devices. Hence, you need to be an Apple user to enjoy this one.


Improved outlook of router
Easy to use
Easy to set-up
Superlative functionality


Only for Apple iOS and Mac users
Very expensive
No backup data offered
No drastic improvements in functions noticeable

8. Linksys AC1900 Dual core wireless router

Last but not the least, the Linksys AC1900 dual core wireless router is definitely another worthy choice. The first thing that attracts the router is its modern design.

But there is a lot beyond the modern design; here we talk about the superlative functionality.

Product Highlights:

Modern design
1.6 GHz dual core processor
512 MB storage RAM
Additional capacity for storage memory
USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 connectivity ports
Beamforming connections
4×4 antennas for wide range coverage

The router comes equipped with a 1.6 Ghz processor.

The router comes equipped with a 1.6 Ghz processor. Another highlight of this superlative and preeminent router is the inbuilt speed speaker which does not permit the flagging quality to disintegrate.

Users are facilitated with superlative access and control over the router with the help of extremely user-friendly and high graphical user interface. This actually makes the router somewhat similar to a mobile phone and makes the screen interactive to a great extent.

This is the fate of web speed and the following wave in an insane sea of the web you have to involvement without a doubt! The quad spilling switch permits availability to up to 4 ports in a solitary go. It is not wrong to say that if you are looking for an internet router that is the perfect combination of design and performance with some amazing features


Fast internet speed
Widespread range
Easy manual set up


Easily heats up
Start to smell if overheated

9. Archer C-7 wireless Gigabit router by TP-Link

TP-Link is a very reliable and trustworthy name as far as internet modems and routers are concerned. This company has been around for a long time and producing some amazing looking and supreme functioning routers for a long time now.

The archer C7-V2 is the latest product launched by the company in the global markets. You will see this handy internet router trending in the global markets in 2018. Complete with multiple antennas and a high speed 2.5 GHz dual core processor, this C7 router is the latest modification of all previous TP links products.

Product Highlights:

Multiple antennas
High speed dual 2.5 GHz processor
Multiple Wi-Fi connectivity ports
5 GHz bands for high-speed processing
Dual USB ports
Interactive router user interface
Long-term warranty
Around the clock customer support

It has everything and more one asks for. This is why it is currently trending as the best wifi router for long range for this year. When we talk about products by TP-Link, there are a few things we like to tick off the list. We want it to

  • Is supremely great in looks
  • Function amazingly
  • Have superlative performance
  • Provides great value return for your investment

The Archer C-7 wireless gigabit internet best modem router is exactly what you hope it to be. It is the modern modification of all the previous features that were common for TP-Link products. In addition to this, it supports an array of new and latest technologically crafted features. You can see drastic improvements as far as the hardware, body, memory and speed are concerned.

The overall capacity of the modem has also increased from 8 to 16 MB.

The router itself is dual-core wireless gigabit with dual USB ports and multiple internet connectivity ports for easy connections.

Moreover, the product comes with a warranty which means you don’t have to worry about making an expensive investment because you can be assured of easy returns or exchange as per need.

In addition to all this, the one amazing addition to this router is a user-friendly built-in interface. It is almost like using a touch-screen mobile phone. With engaging graphics, you can easily control and customize the settings whenever you want to!


Affordably priced
Extended wireless coverage
5 GHz high speed
User ability to control bandwidth and up width
Control over guest networks data usage


Average looking router
Restricted wire connectivity

10. Wireless D-Link AC1900 Dual Band DIR-880L Wi-Fi router

The wireless D-Link AC1900 Dual Band DIR-880L Wi-Fi router was launched almost about 7 months ago but its superlative features and unique specifications make this router rank amongst the best in the year 2018 as well.

If you have been searching for an internet router that is worth every last penny you pay for it; this is the perfect pick. Interestingly, you do not have to worry about the price because the D-Link company is practically one of the most reasonable and affordable company.

They are the makers of products that are equipped with technology but do not charge beyond the ordinary consumer each.

Product Highlights:

AC1900 mega functional internet speed
Advanced beamforming function for uninterrupted usage
Manual control via router remote
Smart automated distribution of bandwidth
Power inbuilt speed amplifiers
3 antennas for wide range connectivity
Stylish outlook

This is the successive good wireless router for the AC1900 router in the global markets

But with its new set of modified features, this dual band router is definitely winning by a huge margin! On top of it all, this router looks great.

So you do not really have to worry about the looks as far this Wireless D-Link AC1900 Dual Band DIR-880L Wi-Fi router is concerned. It is moderately priced and comes in a complete package of looks and functionality. This router is definitely hitting the benchmark with perfect internet speed, functionality, price range, network range and of course great looks as well.

This router is definitely giving its all other competitors in the market this year a run for its money! It is definitely a top notch product and is also a top choice for users because it is affordable and does complete justice as far as functionality is concerned.


High memory for easy usage
Cloud storage
Manual control
Inbuilt amplifiers for automatic speed adjustments


Long distance speed fails to hit the mark
Large in size, Heavyweight
Requires external software support for device compatibility
Lacks essential advanced features
No simultaneous multiple USB support

What Technology Used in Routers? ( Complete Guide)

So in this review, we take you on a little journey on how to choose the best wifi router that is worth buying. We will also talk about the best wifi routers that will be trending in the markets this year! So read on to find out the perfect router that suits your needs perfectly and is ranking on top charts because of some amazingly superlative features.

Best wireless routers

Know your router well!

The one thing that you should be 100% assured of before you purchase the best wireless routers is that you are completely familiar with every last detail that it has to offer.

The following is a quick buyer’s guide in which we talk about the things that are mandatory to look out for if you want to invest in a worthy best wifi router this year! A wise investment can actually make your router last for quite a long time.

Basic tiers for wireless routers

When you set out to buy the best wireless router for home, you will find out that there are tiers that you will need to choose from. There are three basic categorizations of tiers for wireless routers.
Basic tier routers
Premium tier routers
High-performance tier routers

What are tiers?

When you select a router to buy, you will find out that there are model numbers that define each router. This model number is, in fact, an indication towards many factors.

Firstly, the model number reflects the capacity that the router holds to connect with devices. The number of tier defines the number of devices that can be connected to the router.

Secondly, there are several other things that this numerical tier reflects for instance online streaming, downloading and uploading etc.

Basic Tier Routers

The basic tier routers are the ones that range between N300 to N600. If you find any number from this written on the router you buy along with the product name, you should know what this means.

It would mean that the router is capable of connecting up to 6 devices in one go.

You will also be able to download and upload limited files, surf the internet and engage in basic online communication i.e. via emails as well.

Premium Tier Routers

The premium tier routers are the ones that fall between N750 to AC1200. These routers are the ones that can connect up to 8 to 10 wifi devices simultaneously.

In addition to this, you get the chance to upload, download files, share files with other users, enjoy browsing, engage in advanced communication and also enjoy online video streaming. However, the quality of the video will not be HD.

High-Performance Tier Routers

These are the most advanced and latest wifi routers. The high-performance tier routers are anything AC1600 or above. These routers work amazingly with more than 10 wifi devices in one go.

Moreover, it gives you the chance to enjoy everything that other routers offer but only multiplied times better. You also get to enjoy online video streaming and gaming in HD without the hassle of the buffer.

Features you should consider!

The most important thing for people who are buying anything in this world for the first time or after a failed experience is to have some insight into what they need to purchase.

Of course, it is imperative to know what the highlight features are that make a wireless router worthy to purchase.

Since, the internet routers, modems, and similar things have everything to do with technology, it is important to realize the importance of having a little information that helps you make a wise decision.

Here are some of the basic features that are mandatory to be present in every router. While it is pretty obvious that as many features a wireless router has, it will be as brilliant in its functionality – there are a few features that form the basis.

Hence, if you want a good quality router in a reasonable price range, you should know what features you want it to have.

USB Ports

The first thing that is a must for every wireless router to have is the USB ports. Now it strongly depends on the type of router you purchase and the amount you pay for it that defines how many USB ports the router can have.

However, it is important to remember that a USB port is essential for a wireless router because it allows connecting the router to devices for internet connectivity or other purposes.

The USB ports can vary in number on a given device – a router can have anything from 1 to multiple i.e. up to 10 USB ports. It also depends on the size of the router.

Beam Forming

Another important feature that is little known to people is beam forming. This feature is actually the make or break of any wifi device that you might have because it is the one that gives you the chance to use the internet seamlessly and without any interruptions in any part your home.

Previously there were internet routers that would only allow usage in one particular part of the house and the signals started to weaken if you moved around. This indicates the absence of beamforming feature.

You would not want this feature to be absent from your router because this restricts the usage of the internet over distances. Beam forming is basically a modern technology that allows the user to enjoy good speed internet regardless of the distance.

You will not have to worry about weak signals if the distance increases or decreases. Hence, it is crucial that your router has a beam forming feature inbuilt.


This is yet another important feature. MU-MIMO stands for multiple inputs and multiple outputs for multiuser. This is also the latest technology that allows the user to control the amount of data being used.

An internet router allows multiple devices to be connected to it for simultaneous usage. However, this means that the connected devices could be using a lot more data than they should be or are entitled to without the knowledge of the home network.

The MU-MIMO features enable all connected devices to enjoy a seamless internet usage experience online but also give the home network the authority to monitor and restrict the internet usage of other secondary connected devices.

Remote control access

This is another very helpful feature that facilitates the users and depicts that the router is actually modern and modified according to the latest technology.

This allows the user to control and access the router via a remote control. This is easy and convenient for the users of course.

Moreover, with the assistance of the remote access, you can monitor the online connected network and also create passwords to protect the network from strangers or public usage.

Looking for routers for online gaming?

Buying routers for the purpose of online gaming is a different story. A huge population of the online users is the gamers.

Hence, it is pretty obvious that if people are looking for routers to install in their homes, they must be looking for routers that support online gaming as well.

While the above-mentioned features are the basics of every router, it is important to remember that gaming routers can be slightly different.

You need to know what the other features are that you should be looking out for when choosing best router for gaming

Router Configuration

This is actually one of the most important features that make any internet router a tad bit worthier. There is a big reason why router configuration for online gaming should be preferred on online video streaming.

Gaming requires more signal strength and therefore, a router device that has powerful signals for online gaming will also make it a worthy option for online internet usage.

Network Range

Best Gaming routers need to have a wide range because they mostly need to function on a wide scale. Therefore, wireless router range is one of the core things to look out for in a router as well.

Signal strength

The strength of the signals is also a very important feature that needs to be taken into consideration. Good strength is the only thing that defines a good or bad router.

The router you choose should have a good strength. In case it lacks strength, you need to make sure that the router has an inbuilt amplifier.

Modern and modified routers have amplifiers that automatically regulate and boost the signal strength as per need without the requirement of manual assistance.

Price range

Price is an important factor as far as internet routers as concerned. You do not want the router to be too overly priced or too expensive.

However, people mostly want routers to have features like no other but this does not mean you should be paying an arm and leg for it. Make sure that you pay least for maximum features and performance.

Companies like D-link offer great functional routers at a very affordable price range.

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