A device which is used to destroy any kind of personal or official papers that are not in use or useless for you to store them is known as the paper shredder. Why is it necessary to shred the documents instead of just ripping them manually and throwing them away in the garbage? There is a need to destroy these papers because anyone can steal your identity using the personal confidential information printed on documents, old credit cards, etc. There are numerous cases reported about identity theft. Identity theft is basically a criminal fraud in which some culprits use your personal information like your social security numbers, identification numbers, driving license numbers, etc. They then use this information to get services or credit cards on your behalf. And you even have no idea about this theft. That is the personal loss that you should bear if your identity is stolen. But if you are running a company or working in an office, there are many other ways to use the official information negatively, if papers are not disposed of properly. So, to avoid such dangerous situation paper shredders are the must necessity to have.

The types of shredders available in the market nowadays are the strip cut shredder, the micro-cut shredder, and cross-cut shredder. The cross-cut shredder provides a security level higher than the strip-cut shredder but a bit less than the micro-cut shredder.

Why Consider Cross-Cut Shredder

You should contemplate getting an automatic cross-cut shredder because of its efficient shredding speed and the security level of shredding. Manual cross-cut shredders are much cheaper than the automatic shredders, but they require a lot more men power as compared to automatic one. In manual shredder, you have to manually stack the sheets one by one in the tray and shred the document one by one. But while doing so if any of your paper gets jammed in the machine, the shredder will stop working immediately. That will waste a lot of time. Because you then have to open the machine and have to get the jammed paper out of the machine to get the shredder back in working condition. Whereas in an automatic cross-cut shredder, you just need to feed the sheet of the papers through the tray. The shredder itself will perform the rest working. The shredder will fetch the documents one by one and starts to shred them until the last paper is being shredded. After doing the complete shredding job, it will stop working automatically. Means you need not sit in front of the machine to turn it on and off. Some of the good cross cut shredders also perform the automatic reverse function in case of a paper jam. They automatically turn on the reverse mode, once they sense through the sensors that paper is stuck inside the shredder. The jammed paper is then rolled back, and the machine tears it again.

Among the best paper shredders available in the market we have reviewed the top paper shredder royal.

Royal 18-Sheet Cross-Cut Best Paper Shredder

When it comes to paper shredders the Royal is a well-known paper shredder manufacturer company.  Royal has many models available but its 18-sheet cross cut paper shredder is the best paper shredder. It’s the most efficient shredder that can be able to fulfill all your paper shredding needs. This one is no doubt the best equipment. When you place the papers on its header tray to shred, it starts shredding the papers automatically and shreds the papers until the last document is being shredded. If this shredder encounters a paper jam, it automatically solves the problem by running in reverse mode for a while. So, when jam papers get back to the tray it then starts working in the normal manner to shred the remaining documents. This shredder has the capability to shred 18 sheets of papers at a time. You can also shred plastic cards, CDs, and DVDs in this shredder without any misfortune. The best part of this shredder is that due to its reverse technology, this shredder doesn’t encounter any serious issues and run for years deprived of any serious trouble.


This best paper shredder performs its job in a very peaceful and quiet manner. So, if you are looking for a paper shredder to silently done its job, then this shredder is the best choice for you. Even it has the competence to shred the plastics cards and CDs without making any extra noise. It shreds a single sheet of whole paper in not more than five seconds. It is a cross-cut shredder, so the shredding size of the papers pieces is five by thirty-two inches into one by eight inches. That means that there is no chance that anybody can rejoin the shredder pieces in to complete document to steal your information. The waste basket of this paper shredder is huge in size which can hold a lot of shredded pieces at once. Due to which this machine can perform its job for forty minutes continuously. Emptying this royal cross-cut paper shredder’s waste bin is not a difficult task. For ease of access, its waste has wheels on the bottom. So, you can move the leftover container quickly wherever to empty it. Although this shredder can run for years without any problem, but the Royal company also provides five years of warranty on parts.


  • Within a single shredding job, this paper shredder can shred eighteen panes of documents at once.
  • To guarantee the supreme safety, the shredding size of the pieces is petite and hence impossible to rejoin in the form of paper again.
  • It has a very stylish unique design.
  • The shredding of sheets within five seconds determines that how powerful its motor is.
  • Can shred credit cards, CDs, and DVDs on the single go.
  • Through automatic sensors, it won’t stop any job in case of failure. Means it will start then stop automatically once the job is done and in the event of failure its reverse function sent the jam papers back to the tray.
  • The capacity of its waste basket it about eight and half a gallon.
  • It only weights about forty-two pounds.
  • Due to its compact size, you can place it in any small portion of your office and home.

So, this best paper shredder is highly recommended for you if you really want a machine that can peacefully facilitate you without any worry.